IMG 4069 2The first day consisted of mostly travelling: driving to the airport, flying over France and the English Channel, driving to Canterbury and then to our hosts. Every one of us was excited for this new experience and we were happy to meet our families for the week.


On the second day we went to Stafford House for the first time where we had lessons. After we ate lunch at the canteen we had a very intriguing quiz walk through the city centre, in which we learned about the historic sights. When we had some free time after that, most of us went to explore the entire city centre. We went back to the Stafford House canteen and then bowling in Ashford. Everyone was pretty tired at the end of this exciting day.


The morning of day three was set up the same as day two, but after lunch we went to the amazing Dover Castle. There we learned about the important part it played in World War II for British soldiers. The tour through the underground tunnels was made in an enthralling way, so that we got a very good impression of what happened at that time. After going back and eating again at the canteen, we got a free evening in which some went shopping, some went to a park and played soccer and some walked around enjoying the beautiful weather. We got home at around 9 o’clock.


Before we went to Canterbury Cathedral after lunch, we were at Stafford house in the morning, like the other two days. We were led by audio guides around the cathedral and it was very informative and the cathedral itself was beautiful. After we finished we had a bit of free time, then went to the canteen and then back to Stafford House, where we enjoyed a fun karaoke evening.


The next day was a bit different, because we had a full day excursion to Cambridge. We got up a bit earlier and went there by bus. As we were walking through the city, we had a tour guide with us. She told us the history, told us about the important sights and different colleges and about the university students. After our amazing tour we had a free evening in which we walked through the city, ate and went shopping. We got back to Canterbury exhausted but content.


On Sunday we went on a full day excursion as well, this time to Chatham Dockyard. We saw some huge navy ships, we learned how to make rope and we also got inside of a submarine. When we were done with the tour we sat in the sun, listened to some music and ate ice cream. It was a very pleasant day.


The sixth day included lessons, lunch, a tour of Leeds Castle, dinner and African drumming. Leeds Castle is known for its amazing nature and variety of birds, which we got to see in full bloom while we were walking. We learned about the history and the aristocrats that had once lived there, before the castle was turned into a museum. African drumming was a new and amazing experience. Our teacher called Lucky taught us how to drum different sounds and we also wrote a song. Everyone had a great time.


On the last day we had to say goodbye to our hosts, had our final lessons with our teachers,  got our certificates and then we flew back to Vienna.


All in all it was a great experience which we all will not forget soon. We are very happy and thankful  we got to go to England!


- Zamfirescu Teodora, 6B