DSC 0058All of us really enjoyed the trip to England. We lived with host families which were – mainly – really nice and caring. Everyday we ate breakfast in the morning and at around 8 a.m., most of us met at the pick-up point “Sturry Station”. After arriving at school we always had some free minutes . In our morning lessons we talked about topics like stereotypes, media, business and the like. Most of the times we ate lunch at the canteen but sometimes, when we had long bus drives in the afternoon, we got packed lunch.

We visited places like Dover Castle, Leeds Castle or we just walked around in Canterbury. Most of us really enjoyed the excursion to Dover because we had a guided tour through the tunnels which were very important in World War II. It was historically seen very interesting and everything else than boring. It was really nice weather this day so we had a great view on top of the castle – we even saw France. That was absolutely impressive.

Every now and then we had some freetime which we spent in cities we just visited like Cambridge, Whitstable and of course Canterbury. In this time, most of us went shopping or walked through the city. Afterwards we ate dinner at the canteen which many of us really liked, some of us didn’t. Stafford House, the organisation also prepared very entertaining evening activities for us. We did things like bowling and African drumming but most fun of all was the karaoke night. One of our teachers, Mrs Schmidt-Feistl, even sang “Mamma Mia” with us at the beginning of the evening.

At the weekend we went to Cambridge, Herne Bay and Whitstable with our teachers. As mentioned before, we had lots of freetime there. In the evening we had dinner with our host families and it was – at least for my roommate and me – really nice. All in all I think I can say that all of us enjoyed the time in England and would like to go back someday.

Tanja Liedek, 6A